This new, online magazine celebrates almost every aspect of the history of cats, both well before and during the 150 years since the start of cat shows, and those that are contributing to it, are all well versed in the lore of the cat, all as humans who have shared their lives with cats; many of them as breeders or judges, but also as writers, artists, historians, line-chasers, veterinarians, geneticists, scientists and technicians.

The calibre of their abilities and achievements can be read in their respective profiles which follow. Their willingness to contribute, participate, and support this venture, is of itself a testament to their dedication and love for the cat. Over time we will feature profiles of all our contributors, across all areas of expertise, so that you can learn a little of their path through the cat fancying fraternity, leading to their roles in this first international magazine dedicated to the history of their beloved pets. It is am truly an honour to have this opportunity to work alongside such a world-class team!

The team sincerely hopes that you will enjoy, each month, all that is contained in our columns and feature articles, and as time goes by, news from around the globe from our very impressive team of international correspondents!

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